VOLUME 1 – Oliver and the Birth of a Soul (EPUB)


ISBN: 978-2-925168-06-5

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How about tapping into the energy of the Earth and the Universe? Would you like to pass on a new form of thought and transformative legacies to your children in order for them to develop and achieve their full potential?

The Youth Spirituality Collection is a bold series that aim to reconnect you to your deepest essence while sharing a magical moment with your children. At the same time, you might be able to awaken in them all the curiosity necessary for their personal and spiritual growth.

Oliver and the Birth of a Soul is the first volume of the Youth Spirituality Collection. In each of the books, children are invited to become aware of the soul that inhabits them, to better develop, give meaning to their human experience, maintain a positive attitude and regain a boost of vitality by participating in the treasure hunt and the various activities offered.

SOLD SEPARATELY: A special bookmark allows you to discover the properties of the precious stone chosen with each of the works in the Collection. Children are thus led to familiarize themselves with their innate abilities of clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairaudience, while learning about lithotherapy.


At the dawn of the creation of humanity, everything was dark and cold. A giant black matter surrounded the Universe. Life was almost non-existent. However, deep within this dark matter hid a Source of crystalline light. On one special day, IT regained its power and chose to shine all its rays of Love. Under the effect of an explosion, called the BIG BANG, its light was projected towards different planets, giving birth to life and to the star children. Issued from creation, a travelling soul roamed the sky in search of new terrestrial adventures.

Number of pages: 48 pages with parental lexicon

Seize: Album 8 in x 8 in

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