VOLUME 2 – Oliver in Mom’s Belly (EPUB)


ISBN : 978-2-925168-10-2
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What if our family line goes far beyond blood ties? Could it be that this deep connection to our surroundings may have contributed to our past? And even left a mark on our future?

Youth Spirituality Collection is a bold series that aim to reconnect you to your deepest essence while sharing a magical moment with your children. At the same time, you might be able to awaken in them all the curiosity necessary for their personal and spiritual growth.

In this second volume, I invite children to get rid of the fears and limiting thoughts belonging to the generations that precede them. They will be driven to sever karmic links that no longer serve them so that only LOVE remains within them and can enlighten all concerned. They will thus be able to allow their soul, their Divine Essence, to express itself freely and consciously.


Our lovebirds just got a happy news; they will soon become parents. Sailing between the spiritual world and the terrestrial world, the travelling soul continues its uterine growth in the belly of its mother, patiently waiting for the day of its birth, that incarnation it has chosen. What kind of bonds perpetually unite the future mother to her baby?

Number of pages: 48 pages with parental lexicon

Seize: Album 8 in x 8 in

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